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STH 23
Underwood Avenue, City of Montello
Marquette County
Excellence in Highway Design;
Best Urban Project by a Consultant - 2020

QUEST was the Prime Design Consultant on this 0.65-mile urban reconstruction project in the city of Montello. QUEST developed the PS&E plans, Section 106 documentation, geotechnical reports, preliminary storm system layout, environmental documentation, existing right-of-way plat and facilitated selection of a preferred alternative for various design options with both local government and Department representatives. Public involvement consisted of multiple coordination meetings, alternatives analysis and mutual development of a preferred alternative.

The final design phase included design tasks such as design study report, TPP, pavement design report, soils report, TMP, utility coordination, storm sewer system design, preliminary and final design and full PS&E package development. Urban reconstruction components associated with this project included storm sewer, an infiltration basin, new pavement, curb and gutter, terrace, sidewalk, crosswalks, curb ramps, complete street design features, several intersection re-configurations, overhead lighting and replacement of existing permanent signs and new pavement marking. The project also included coordination and accommodation for replacement of sanitary sewer and water lines in conjunction with the reconstruct. This project was constructed in 2019.

STH 47
Airport Drive, City of Shawano
Shawano County
NC Region Best Urban Design by a Consultant - 2017

QUEST was the Prime Design Consultant on this 2-mile suburban reconditioning project within the city of Shawano. The existing corridor is a combination of 4-lane divided and un-divided urban cross section with severely deteriorated and insufficient pavement structure. The conceptual design included a comprehensive alternatives analysis of various cross sections, including 4-lane and 2-lane alternatives with options for truck stopping lanes at a railroad crossing, side road acceleration lanes, bicycle and pedestrian accommodations and 2 left turn lane medians at select locations along the corridor. Other aspects of the conceptual design included an ICE report at County B to address safety concerns, complete storm sewer system inspection and analysis and redesign of the south approach to WIS 22, which is a signalized intersection in an effort to promote more efficient traffic operations and turning movements. Public involvement consisted of multiple coordination meetings, alternatives analysis and mutual development of a preferred alternative. Design of the project also included environmental documentation, wetland delineation & permitting, design study report, TMP utility coordination, railroad coordination, final design and a complete PS&E package. This project was constructed in 2016.

STH 118
Benoit - STH 112
Bayfield & Ashland Counties

QUEST was the Prime Design Consultant on this 7-mile rural resurfacing project in Bayfield and Ashland Counties. The design of this project consisted of the following proposed improvements; deep mill, asphaltic base patching and asphalt overlay, repair and replacement of multiple culverts on the corridor, ditching and grading to alleviate flooding, installing safety edge pavement on mainline, paving of side road approaches and new pavement marking. This project will be built using a detour route. The purpose of this project was to improve the pavement, drainage, safety and maintainability of an important roadway within the state transportation system.

Deliverables for this project included design survey, environmental documentation, public involvement, design reports, preliminary and final roadway design, utility coordination and the final PS&E package. The project was designed on an accelerated schedule with construction in year 2021.

STH 128
Elmwood - STH 29
Pierce & St. Croix Counties

QUEST was the Prime Design Consultant on this 7-mile rural resurfacing/reconstruction project. The project included a comprehensive alternatives analysis of s-curve relocation at various design speeds through an area constricted by a 300’ bluff on one side and Eau Galle River flood plain on the other. Alternatives development and analysis included geotechnical exploration, multiple horizontal and vertical alignments, various cut and fill slope combinations and options that included retaining walls and estimated costs that each attempt to fit within the various physical and environmental constraints. The re-alignment alternatives were systematically eliminated due to potential impacts to the floodplain of the Eau Galle River resulting from fill material, unstable soils within the adjacent bluff preventing cutting the roadway further into the bluff, and excessive costs associated with the realignment alternatives. The preferred alternative going forward on the project consisted of milling and asphaltic overlay of the existing pavement, paving of existing gravel shoulders, grading and flattening of hazardous fore and back slopes to improve safety of the roadway, installation and replacement of safety beam guard at locations along the corridor, roadside clearing to alleviate shading/icing, ditch cleaning to improve drainage, replacing or rehabilitating existing culvert pipes, replacement of a box culvert in its existing location, replacement and enhancement of existing permanent signs, and new pavement marking. This project was constructed in 2017.

STH 88
Czechville - Mondovi
Buffalo County

QUEST was the Prime Design Consultant on this 7-mile rural resurfacing project. It consisted of milling, placing a new asphalt pavement overlay, beam guard installation, roadside clearing, ditching, and replacing or rehabilitating culverts. The project also contained many substandard features that will be improved or retained per a completed Programmatic Exception to Standards (PESR) report. The Department’s Accelerated Design Process applied to the majority of the project segments of this 3R type project. A new pavement surface will improve the ride and enhance safety. Paved shoulders will permit bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, plus create additional space for errant vehicles. Guardrail installed in targeted areas along the corridor to address clear zone issues related to steep side slopes. Super elevation correction on curves where feasible to improve motorist’s ability to negotiate curves, improved signing at the horizontal curves, including chevrons. This project included areas of roadside clearing beyond grading limits, to enhance safety by improving sight distances and eliminate shading of roadway during winter months. This project was constructed in 2016.

STH 21
Necedah - Coloma
Adams & Waushara Counties

QUEST designed this 13-mile rural 2-lane resurfacing project that is an NHS route, Corridors 2030 connector route, long truck route and primary OSOW route. The project carried over 4,500 ADT and involved milling, resurfacing, shoulder replacement, beam guard installation and replacement, pavement marking and permanent signing. Unique project features included installation of centerline rumble strips, edge line rumble strips, and asphalt safety edge to reduce cross over and run off road type crashes. Included within the project was the resurfacing of the Ship Rock Wayside, which is a highly utilized scenic and seasonal wayside, frequented by both tourists and commuters. This project was constructed in 2014.

STH 35
Trempealeau - Fountain City
Buffalo County

QUEST designed this 4.5-mile combination rural 2-lane and 4-lane facility with Great River Road design designation and standards. This project carried over 10,000 ADT and involved concrete joint repairs, partial depth repairs, centerline repairs, continuous diamond grinding and a segment of deep concrete mill and AC overlay on the 4-lane segment. Two-lane, two-way work zone traffic analysis was conducted during design and as a result of the analysis, construction was staged under traffic with single lane closures and fast track concrete specified. Final design included a variety of SPV concrete repair items, diamond grinding, asphaltic surfacing, crack sealing, culvert pipe rehabilitation, beam guard adjustment, railroad crossing upgrades, permanent signing and marking and finishing roadway. This project was constructed in 2013.

STH 79
Monomonie - Connorsville
Buffalo County

QUEST was the Prime Design Consultant on this 8.5-mile preventative maintenance project. WIS 79 is a rural 2-lane facility with 21 curves on the corridor having advisory speeds ranging from 30mph to 50mph. QUEST developed a best fit alignment for the corridor along with DTM surfaces at all curves in order to analyze existing super elevation rates. QUEST conducted a culvert pipe inventory, inspection and analysis for approximately 24 culverts along the corridor. Final design included cross slope correction, resurfacing, center line rumble strips, shouldering, culvert pipe rehabilitation, beam guard replacement, permanent signing and marking, curb ramp replacement and finishing roadway. The project also included close coordination with another consultant for a bridge replacement along the corridor, LET in conjunction with this project. This project was constructed in 2013.

Lake Road
CTH U - 85th Street
Town of Grant, Portage County

QUEST’s design service followed AASHTO and WisDOT Facilities Development Manual design standards and conformed to the requirements of Wisconsin Administrative Code Trans 204 – Existing Town Road Improvement Standards. The existing roadway is a 35mph high volume town road with approximately 650-700 ADT. The roadway directly services approximately 40 residential properties and functions as a collector route, providing a critical connection to both Wood County U and Portage County F highways on either end for local and regional commuter traffic. The complete design package included roadway reconstruction plans, special provisions and all of the necessary bid documents to ensure this project conforms to the guidelines of the LRIP/TRID program requirements. The proposed design improvements fitted within existing right-of-way and required minimal utility adjustments.

The design process involved several public involvement meetings held within the township to gather constituent input and incorporate within the plans. Based upon this public involvement process the project received overwhelming support for the reconstruction of Lake Road. The project included 4’ paved shoulders to provide bicycle and pedestrian accommodations and included special ditching to enhance drainage thru on-site infiltration. This project was constructed in 2014.

Staadt Avenue
CTH C - Eau Pleine Street
Town of McMillan, Marathon County

QUEST’s design service followed AASHTO and WisDOT Facilities Development Manual design standards and conformed to the requirements of Wisconsin Administrative Code Trans 204 – Existing Town Road Improvement Standards. The purpose and need for this project was to design and construct the roadway to accomplish several goals: accommodate commercial business operations for safe and efficient flow of traffic including large trucks at the Mullins Cheese Factory, improve ride quality, enhance safety, reduce future maintenance costs and improve the quality of life for residents who live adjacent to or utilize Staadt Avenue. The design process included the development of a PS&E design package with tasks & components including field survey, PE stamped roadway design plans, special provisions, estimate of costs and bid documents. This project was constructed in 2014.

STH 54 - Elm Lake Rd
Wood County

QUEST designed this 2.7-mile rural reconditioning project involving substantial wetland and environmental issues, marsh soils, and a railroad crossing. The CTH D corridor threads through some highly productive cranberry agricultural lands and posed many unique design challenges due to presence of the high ground water table and the need to avoid right-of-way acquisition. A typical section and vertical profile were carefully designed to widen the roadway, utilizing a geo-grid system to minimize wetland impacts, raise the roadway profile and still fall within existing right-of-way limits. QUEST was responsible for geotechnical investigation, design survey, environmental documentation/permits, utility & railroad coordination, preliminary design, intersection improvements, culvert pipe replacements, horizontal alignment, vertical profile, drainage, final design, permanent signing and marking, public involvement and all PS&E documents. The PS&E package was accelerated and delivered one year in advance at the request of the client. This project was constructed in 2010.